Nathan Barbarick

Portland, OR

About Me

👋 Hello!

I'm a creative and analytical writer and editor helping to build the bridge between people and technology.

My professional background in technical publications and as an educator allows me to bring a love of reading, writing, teaching, and learning to complex software documentation projects.

Currently, I'm earning a Master of Science degree in technical writing at Portland State University, where I'm focused on using the docs-as-code toolbox to write for end-user and developer audiences.

Check out my resumeand email meif you'd like to discuss my assistance on your project. I'm most excited by open source software that helps people do awesome things.


  • Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Confluence, Jira, Jekyll, Flare, DITA
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, XML, Git, Netlify, Markdown
  • Figma, OBS, Premiere Pro, GIMP
  • GarageBand, Audition, Reaper

Technical Writing